Toyota Aygo custom bundle - Mould Removal

Back over in Ellesmere Port over the weekend for another mobile appointment and this time a custom package for the client.

She chose to have the exterior cleaned but paying more attention to the interior due to mould growth and a not so nice smell inside the vehicle.

We began by hoovering the complete inside from top to bottom, agitating all fibres of roof lining and carpets with a stiff brush and shampoo solution. This deep cleaned all dirt and mould whilst lifting all carpets and allowing a fresh and fruity fragrance to appear. Upon closer inspection, the mould had gotten in to further areas around seats and plastic trims so these were removed and deep cleaned before refitted. All carpets and seats were then hoovered again leaving a stripe style finish and the interior sprayed with a deodorising product that will be much better for the owner to breath in.

Exterior then received a citrus prewash before our contact method with the bucket and wash mitt, then dried before final checks to all glass, plastic trims and tyres.

This was one that needed thoroughly deep cleaning inside and out which has now given the owner the pleasure to drive her vehicle once again!

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