Toyota Rav 4 GTechniq bundle

The owner of this stunning Rav 4 requested a double whammy by having our GTechniq bundle completed at their house in Buckley plus their other vehicle due to be written up soon!

We began by giving the interior a complete overhaul, with deep clean and hoover throughout. Plastic trim inside was heavily soiled with mud due to the owner being dog walkers so this needed considerable work. We sprayed an all purpose cleaner and agitated with a scrubber to lift all dirt, then sprayed with GTechniq matte dash to leave an OEM matte style finish. The rest of the cabin was then deep cleaned, rehoovered and a fresh and fruity fragrance applied. The leather then received a condition and leather feed to bring the leather back to life whilst also protecting from any further wear.

The exterior then received a snowfoam pre wash and left to dwell whilst we agitated the wheels and tyres with a stiff brush. With caked on mud needing special work we agitated all arches with another stiff brush and blasted off with the pressure washer to leave an OEM finish. Once the snowfoam had been rinsed this lead us on to the contact wash and pat dry. After this, we cleaned and sealed all door shuts, dressed tyres and trim in GTechniq T2 & T1 then sealed the bodywork in GTechniq C2V3. Finally, exterior glass and interior deep cleaned with the front windscreen sealed in GTechniq G5.

This Rav 4 is now ready for more life on the roads for the owner and their lovely dogs!!

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