Vauxhall Astra H - Full Decontamination bundle & Interior Deep Clean

Over in Buckley for a thorough deep clean on this beautifully specced Astra H. Being one of the last to come off the line this is one special machine and being a one owner from new vehicle it was a pleasure to detail.

Upon arrival and visual inspection we could see pet hair, general signs of use and dirty paintwork, so we began the change!

To begin, the interior received a thorough hoover to leave us with a blank base to work on. The plastic trims had a spray of all purpose cleaner and agitated with a stiff detailing brush to provide a soapy solution and left to dwell for a few minutes. Then, the soap was simply wiped off and a plastic dressing applied, perfectly lifting all stains and providing a matte finish throughout.

The leather seats then had a hoover, same APC method then treated with a leather feed and nutrition.

Door shuts were then wiped down and gloss enhanced using a quick detailing product and microfibre cloth.

Finishing the interior off with a hanging air freshener and quick blast burst of a fresh smelling fragrance throughout.

The exterior then received a citrus prewash and snowfoam solution. This was left to dwell whilst we sorted our buckets for the next stage. A simple two bucket method contact wash followed, then rinsed and pat dried to leave a truly glossy finish. This simply wasn't enough and we knew e could get a deeper gloss.

Our wax and spray sealant through our lance was applied, left for a number of minutes then rinsed off, adding protection instantly for up to 6 months.

Wheels were deep cleaned prior to the wax sealant application, wiped down and then tyres dressed using an OEM finishing product that provides no sling but a matte finish.

Windows were deep cleaned inside and out, door shuts wiped once more to remove any water spots and final checks complete on the paintwork.

This is now back to its former shiny glory, ready for its owners commute!!

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