Vauxhall Astra - Protection Package

Over in Saughall for our most popular bundle, the Protection package. This boasts great protection from the Winter weathers elements, water behaviour and also gloss. Just what this Astra required.

Upon arrival we could see the vehicle needed extensive prep work in the form of our fantastic frutiy Citrus Pre-Wash. Not only that but after a thorough rinse the vehicle looked clean to look at. However, an application of snowfoam with a rinse proved differently. Once the snowfoam had been removed we moved swiftly on to washing the vehicle.

Upon removing all soapy water we applied our spray wax which instantly adds up to 4 months protection from the weathers elements, offering insane gloss and also water behaviour.

The interior then received a thorough hoover with all trims cleaned and restored back to their former glory, internal glass receiving a wipe down with a smear free product and a fresh and fruity fragrance applied throughout.

External trims were wiped down, tyres dressed with an OEM matte finishing product and water spots removed. Just check out the final images!!

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