Vauxhall Mokka X entry level bundle with mould removal

Over in Ellesmere Port for another mobile slot in the form of our entry level package with some added attention.

Upon arrival and a quick consultation with the client we discussed in detail the interior. We found the boot had been used as a 'mobile office' and some milk had soaked in to the carpet and left for a while meaning the smell was extremely severe for the owner who carries a child in the vehicle too. This vehicle had main dealer fabric protection applied which promises this won't happen, however on this occasion the fabric protection had failed.

We began by removing the boot trim and applying a concentrated all purpose cleaner and leaving to dwell for 10 minutes whilst we hoovered the inside of the vehicle from front to back. We then returned to the removed boot trim and agitated the carpet with a stiff brush, hoovered away any excess dirt and began scrubbing the carpet fibres. A specific interior cleaner was then sprayed and left for a few more minutes and then agitated again to remove the mould and provide a fruity fragrance once left. The carpet was then left to air for half an hour whilst we washed the vehicle using our two bucket method, snowfoam pre wash, wash and pat dry method and then clean exterior windows with trim and tyres finally dressed too.

The carpet again then received a final going over with a scrubber to agitate all carpet fibres, lifting all dirt then hoovered and an air freshener applied. The carpet then received a full fabric protection that will prevent stains from happening again in the future.

This Vauxhall Mokka is now ready for another week of life at work for the owner and a much more pleasing smell on the nose!

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