Volvo V60 T5 - Machine Polish custom bundle

Over in Mold yesterday for this absolutely stunning Volvo. Paired with a petrol engine this family vehicle required some repair work from damage which came from previous washes. Upon arrival we could see some severe scratches on the bonnet, both front wings and front bumper. After a consultation with the owner we set to correcting the front end and refining the bodywork.

The interior was the starting point on the vehicle. A thorough hoover and deep clean of all plastic trims including the boot, with a fresh fragrance installed inside.

The exterior then received a snowfoam, left to dwell whilst we worked on the wheels, agitating stubborn areas with a detailing brush and rinsing off. Swiftly moving on to washing the vehicle via our two bucket method, rinsing once more and towel drying the vehicle.

We identified a few further scratches once the vehicle was cleaned so all areas were corrected. By using a heavy cut polish compound and our machine polisher mated to a firm cutting pad we passed the areas multiple times, steadily working through the pace of the machine to remove the severe scratches. Once the correction had been complete we then moved on to refining all areas of the paint, using an all in one polish that provides endless gloss and adding a layer of protection. The vehicle then had a layer of a spray sealant, instantly adding a layer of hydrophobic protection, fantastic water behaviour and up to 6 months protection from the harmful weather. Finishing touches included wiping the glass inside and out, cleaning and sealing the door shuts and dressing the tyres in a glossy product.

Absolute fantastic outcome for the customer who was made up with the repair work carried out!

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