Volvo V70 estate - GTechniq bundle

Not many photos of this one due to time however before and after pictures of this one speak fantastic words themselves here.

We began by hoovering the interior from boot to floor, removing all debris, rubbish and dirt. The cabin received the same treatment via hoover form and then a deep clean of all leather, conditioning and cleaning as we went along before finally wiping down the dash trim and glass.

The exterior then had a full snowfoam, citrus prewash applied to wheels and left to dwell completely. We agitated the wheels with a stiff brush before moving on to rinsing the vehicle. GTechniq G-Wash shampoo tipped in to our bucket, providing a lush smell, perfect suds and amazing cleaning power. The vehicle received a wash from roof to floor, covering all areas before being rinsed off once more. We dried the vehicle using the pat dry method with a plush microfibre dual twisted cloth.

Tyres were dressed in GTechniq T2, followed by T1 for all rubber trim.

This Volvo is now back to its former glory and the before and after on the roof is fantastic!

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