VW Golf - £40 Protection bundle

Back in Buckley for this slightly modified Golf and to bring it back to a shiny life. The owner uses this as a daily vehicle and requested our Protection bundle and it came up fantastically considering it hasn't been polished for a while. We began by hoovering the interior, inbetween seats and mats. The interior then received a scrub and wipe down, finishing the interior off by wiping door shuts and cleaning glass thoroughly.

The exterior then received a full snowfoam, left to dwell whilst we washed the wheels and agitated with a stiff brush then pressure washed the snowfoam off. Once complete, we washed the vehicle and pat dried to leave a lovely shine. The gloss was then locked in using our Paint Sealant, promising up to 6 months protection, fantastic water behaviour and insane gloss levels. To finish, tyres and trim were dressed, glass cleaned outside and door shuts wiped once more.

Fantastic outcome for this lovely vehicle!

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