VW Golf GTi TCR Ceramic bundle

Another VW Golf, this time a truly special one and a returning customer in the form of this gorgeous MK7.5 Golf GTi TCR brought to us in Buckley to carry out one of our top bundles!!!

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle from bottom to top and leaving to dwell, whilst adding a wheel cleaner to those stunning diamond cut finished alloys and agitating with a stiff brush, working in all crevices and pressure washing off to leave a perfect shine. Once the pH neutral snowfoam had been left to dwell this was then blasted off which lead us on to our contact wash via our usual two bucket method.

The wash method then moved on to our pat dry method using a very plush microfibre drying towel and allowed us to then polish the vehicle from top to bottom. Polish used was an all in one that provides protection and promises to fill minor swirls, paint marring and remove scuffs and bumps.

After the polish stage had been finished we then moved on to the Ceramic sealant to give the customer up to 1 years added protection!! Water behaviour will be fantastic from this and will add further gloss to the stunning red paintwork. Glass was then sealed and tyres/plastic trim dressed accordingly.

Interior then received a thorough hoover, with door shuts deep cleaned and glass cleaned inside and out. A Creed scent air freshener was then sprayed in the cabin, left to air before doors closed to soak in to roof lining, fabric and trim.

To finish, exhaust trims polished, door shuts deep cleaned and final check overs complete removing water spots and any further particles.

This is certainly one we are proud of as always and one we thoroughly enjoyed!!

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