VW Golf Mk4 pre-sale valet

Over in Ruthin to help out a customer who needed their Golf cleaning ready for an upcoming sale.

The customer requested our Paint Sealant bundle on a mobile booking and we were more than happy to attend.

Upon arrival we could see the vehicle required extensive work on the interior so this is where we began With dog hair, soil/mud and embedded dirt it certainly needed time spent. Using our pet hair removal tool we had the dog hair lifted in no time. Not only that but the whole vehicle received the same treatment, followed by a thorough hoover and deep clean of all plastic and fabric trim. Glass received a wipe down on the inside followed by door shuts completing the interior side.

The exterior then received a snowfoam, wash and then pat dry. The exterior then had a full paint sealant applied, glass cleaned and plastics/tyres dressed... just in time for the rain!!

This Golf is now ready for sale at an extremely good price!

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