VW Scirocco GT - Machine Polish & Ceramic Coat bundle

Over in Buckley for this owners Scirocco, featuring many added extras from factory and one the customer wished to give the bodywork a full works and then some!

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle and applying a fallout remover to the wheels, slight tar remover to bodywork and left to dwell. This allowed us to move on to the wheels and deep clean the barrels, faces and tyres using a microfibre noodle mitt, wheel brush and tyre deep cleaning brush with dedicated tyre cleaning agent. From one of the photos you can see the colour of the water from the bucket purely from the wheels alone.

The snowfoam then received a pressure rinse off allowing us to move on to our wash process. Usually, we opt for a two bucket method, however on this occasion and with us machine polishing the vehicle anyway we opted for a single bucket method mixed with a clay cloth to speed up the decontamination process.

By washing the vehicle with a clay cloth not only does this clean the bodywork quicker but it is also much easier to clay the bodywork, also benefitting from multiple uses on the cloth itself. Amazing!!

We then pat dried the vehicle and moved swiftly on to machine polishing the vehicle. Opting on this occasion for a single cut stage and refine. Using Menzerna finest 2500 medium cut and a firm pad we safely removed swirl marks, marring from the clay process and several scratches along the way. Whilst machine polishing the vehicle we noticed some marks that do require paintwork that the customer was informed about and noted down on our sheet.

After the entire vehicle had been machined we then gave the vehicle a citrus pre-wash and rinse before pat drying down once more.

The customer decided on a Ceramic Coating in the form of Infinity Wax Synergy Lite. This can be applied outdoors against the weather elements, offering a quick cure time with full cure proces within 24 hours. This does not require any lighting, purely cures alone with no aid. Perfect. Some follow up process with the customer meaning no washes for the next 7 days but use the vehicle as normal, which ensures the best possible application throughout.

Windows were then given a treat of Angelwax H2go to seal the windows, allowing rain water to bead off from as low as 25-30mph. Two coats applied with an hour gap inbetween.

Tyres dressed in a custom tyre product from Infinity Wax again. Door shuts cleaned, internal glass wiped and wheel water spots removed.

What a fantastic outcome, one that we are extremely proud of and can't wait to report back with water behaviour!!

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