Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 Machine Polish Detail

Over in Penyffordd to remove cement from a customers truly stunning Aston Martin N430.

Upon arrival we could see the fallout was quite excessive, so we got to work on safely decontaminating the vehicle. This involved the following work:

- Citrus pre-wash leaving to dwell and pressure rinse off

- Snowfoam the vehicle, leaving to dwell to remove any remaining dirt

- Washing the vehicle using our clay cloth, safely lifting cement particles and any tar residue

- Rinsing the vehicle of all soap

We then dried the vehicle using our plush microfibre drying towel, using a simple apply towel and dab dry process. After the vehicle had been dried we then got the machine polisher ready. By using a mix of polishing pads (medium and soft) we applied a polish that has a minor cutting compound but truly incredible gloss levels.

Working through the speed of the machine, leaving the weight of the machine to do the work and slow motions we restored the paintwork back to a stunning showroom finish.

Once all polish residue had been removed we then applied a spray wax to give the customer slightly more protection for up to 3 months, perfect for the Summer. Tyres were then dressed, glass cleaned inside and out, door shuts cleaned and finishing images taken!

The customer appreciated the work completed they also have jumped on board with us for our monthly maintanence programme.


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