Mercedes A-Class - Machine Polishing bundle - Stage 1.

Over in Flint today for this owners Mercedes A Class which has received a top package, our Stage 1 Machine Polish refine bundle.

The customer chose this bundle due to the vehicle having stubborn tar marks all over the paintwork along with embedded tree sap and minor swirl marks.

We began by thoroughly hoovering the interior of the car, followed by a wipe down of all trims, leather and fascias before moving on to door shuts and glass.

Next stage was the prewash process. A full snowfoam prewash was applied to the bodywork along with a fallout remover and foaming wheel cleaner (non-acidic). This was then left to dwell whilst we prepped the buckets. The snowfoam then received a pressure rinse which allowed us to move on to the contact wash. We used a pH neutral shampoo combined with a clay mitt to wipe across the paintwork, safely removing stubborn tar and embedded tree sap from the paint.

During a clay process it can cause paint marring and minor damage due to dragging contamination across the paint. The beauty with a clay mitt is that it lifts the tar, flip the mitt over and wash the vehicle as normal.

Once the clay and wash process was complete the vehicle then received a rinse and pat dry.

We headed straight for the machine polish at this point. Opting for our medium cut polish and refine all in one product the machine polishing process took off beautifully. This promises to eliminate swirl marks, add a glossy finish to the paint whilst also adding protection all at the same time.

Upon completion of the machine polishing stage we then rinsed the vehicle, applied our spray sealant through the foaming lance, pressure rinsed once more and pat dried completely, leaving a truly stunning finish.

To complete, tyres were dressed in a matte finishing product, glass cleaned and door shuts wiped.

All in all, a truly fantastic job complete!

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