Audi SQ5 - Machine Polish & Ceramic Coating bundle

After what has been a fantastic week off spent with the family we had to cut the fun short and return back to work and what a vehicle to kick it off with... a stunning Audi SQ5! The customer opted for a refine machine polish and a Ceramic Coating to seal it all together so we cracked on.

With the weather beating down with harsh wind and rain we worked as quick as we could to clean the vehicles exterior.

We began by applying a fallout remover to the wheels and snowfoamed the exterior and left to dwell whilst we worked the wheels. These were cleaned using a microfibre mitt and detailing brush to clean the tyres with a dedicated tyre cleaner. The body was then rinsed and washed using our two bucket method and rinsed before being driven in to shelter to dry and carry on.

The vehicle we could see had some form of protection on and we used a new method to dry the vehicle... a blower. Using a slightly heated setting we air dried the vehicle, paying attention to hidden panel gaps where water would naturally drip from. A drying towel then finished the rest. We moved on to machine polishing the vehicle using a polish that lifts minor scuff marks, swirl marks and holograms but leaves a truly outstanding shine and glossy finish behind. To lock it in we opted for our Gyeon Ceramic Coating package which offers self cleaning capabilities, up to 12 months protection and absolutely fantastic water behaviour!!

The interior then received a thorough hoover, wipe down with a matte finishing product, fresh fragrance installed, door shuts wiped and sealed then glass cleaned inside and out using a product that carries si02 formula to give a rain repellant finish.

Tyres were then dried and dressed using an OEM finish that provides no sling upon the vehicle being driven. Rubber trims were wiped using the same product and wheel faces dried.

Once the rain finished we moved the vehicle to natural day light to carry out final inspections before offering the customer advice on how to maintain their freshly detailed vehicle.

What a truly fantastic outcome on this one!!

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