Audi A4 estate - Custom Bundle


The owner is this Audi estate requested a meeting a couple of weeks ago for us to view their car and offer advice. The owner was debating buying new wheels and we simply said why not work with what you have considering the tyres are incredible?

So... we teamed up with a local wheel refurbing agent, booked them in and we carried out the work on the customers vehicle alongside the wheel work.

We built a custom package for the customer consisting of:

• Machine Polishing exterior paintwork to correct scratches and dull paint • Pet hair removal to the full interior • Shampoo interior via machine and extract.

So we set to work by grabbing our pet hair removal tool, lifting as much pet hair as possible and hoovering all carpets and seats. Once this stage had been complete we then wet shampooed the whole interior to remove stains, marks and give the fabric a fresh scent throughout.

The exterior then received a full snowfoam and decontamination, left to dwell then rinsed. We used our graphene enhanced shampoo and washed the vehicle including door shuts and rinsed before pat drying.

Next stage included the machine polish. Switching between firm and soft pads, super heavy cutting compounds and a glazing product to enhance the glossy paintwork and lock in the fresh correction before finally rinsed the vehicle with our spray wax through the foaming lance.

Final stage complete meant final checkovers followed. Simply removing water spots, cleaning windows inside and out, wiping door shuts and applying the air freshener throughout the cabin!

The wheels were freshly refurbished from the flaking silver to a stunning gloss black, tyres dressed and wheels refitted and torqued up!

This Audi now looks absolutely stunning and very stealth. Just gorgeous!

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