BMW 3 Series - GTechniq bundle

Updated: May 7, 2021

Over in Ellesmere Port for this truly beautiful BMW 3 Series. With the new model now out we have been keen to get our hands on one to detail and the finished outcome is one to remember, just perfection!!

Upon arrival, the customer requested we remove some badges and install black ones, fit gel overlays to the wheels and remove paint that had leaked on the carpet in the boot. No issue!

We began by deep cleaning the interior with hoovering all areas and then wiping down plastic trims. The glass received a wipe down along with door shuts. Over on the boot we sprayed a highly concentrated all purpose cleaner, agitated with a stiff brush and left to air dry. Once dry to touch we then rehoovered and applied a fragrance throughout.

On to the exterior, we began by snowfoaming the whole vehicle, sprayed a non-acidic wheel cleaner to all four freshly powdercoated wheels and agitated with a soft detailing brush which lifted all tyre fitting soap and didn't harm the wheel paint.

The vehicle then received a pressure wash rinse, two bucket method wash and pat dry which then lead us on to applying the all in one polish. This gives the vehicle fantastic gloss, water behaviour and also protection.

Next stage was paint sealant. The whole vehicle received a paint sealant along with glass in the form of GTechniq crystal and glass sealant GTechniq G5.

Tyres were then dressed using GTechniq T2 and applying two coats leaving a lovely glossy finish with no sling upon driving.

We then removed the badges on the wings safely by using heat, tar removal to shift the remaining glue and then applied the new badges, polished then sealed. Same process for the wheel badges which now look incredible.

This 3 Series is now freshly deep cleaned, protected for up to 8 months and now on a monthly plan with us to be done and topped up every 4 weekends.

What a stunning finish for a truly beautiful vehicle.

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