Hyundai Tucson Gtechniq bundle

Over in Ellesmere Port for a repeat visit to this customers Hyundai Tucson, this time opting for our running offer through June, the GTechniq bundle.

We began by thoroughly deep cleaning the interior, hoovering and wiping down all plastics and carpet trims and applying GTechniq Matte dash for an OEM finish which will give a no grease style finish all round. Finishing the interior off with a glass deep clean, door shut wipe down and a fresh and fruity fragrance applied throughout.

The exterior then received the works. A snowfoam application and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes whilst we sorted out the two buckets with GTechniq G-Wash. Once the snowfoam had been rinsed and the two bucket contact stage complete we then rinsed the vehicle and applied our all in one polish and spray sealant through our foaming lance and pressure rinsed off. We followed this closely by our pat dry method using a dual twist microfibre drying towel. Next stage, sealant in the form of GTechniq finest C2V3. The properties of this provide the owner with up to 8 months protection, giving easier maintenance and extreme gloss levels!

Finishing off the detail, windscreen sealed with a water repelling product. Glass cleaned to the remainder of exterior windows, exterior trim dressed in GTechniq T1 and tyres dressed in T2.

Truly fantastic detail complete.

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