Dacia Sandero Pre-Sale Detail

Updated: May 7, 2021

The Dacia Sandero we had the pleasure of detailing just last week needed doing again for a pre-sale detail and we were more than happy to offer our services.

With the vehicle doing day to day journeys and being a general family car it certainly needed a good detail once more.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle to lift any dirt and also remove bird droppings from being parked by nearby trees. We then moved on to washing the vehicle and pat drying to eliminate any marks from any cloths or fallout.

Next step included an all in one polish to mask paint scuffs, marring and enhance the silver paintwork to a glossy finish.

To top of the freshly polished paintwork the sealant we applied last week was re-applied meaning the protection is stronger than before and will be cleaner for longer!

The inside benefitted from a thorough deep clean and hoover, with interior seat trims being agitated with a stiff brush and soap solution to remove stains and marks. A hoover then followed to lift any embedded hair and dust particles.

Trim and glass was then cleaned inside and out with all trims being dressed in a matte finishing product.

This stunning Dacia is now ready for sale for the owner so if you fancy purchasing it drop us a message and we can put you in contact with the owner.

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