Ford Truck detail

Updated: May 7, 2021

This fantastic Ford pick up truck owner requested a mobile detail in the form of a tailor made package consisting of the following:

Deep exterior clean with polish and sealant

Deep interior clean with stain removal

Under bonnet clean and freshen up

To start with the vehicle received a full snowfoam and fallout removal on the huge wheels to leave a fantastic shine once the snowfoam had been left to dwell.

Our traditional wash and pat dry method followed to leave a blank canvas ready to work on.

An all in one polish promising to enhance gloss levels and aid in removing minor scratches was then applied, leaving us to finish the paintwork off with a sealant promising up to 6 months protection.

The interior then had a thorough hoover with seats benefitting from a shampoo and agitated with a stiff brush to eliminate any stains and provide a fresh fragrance. Trim then finished off with an OEM matte finishing product.

Glass deep cleaned inside and out, tyres and trim dressed and then glossed over.

The engine bay received a wipe down by hand with a matte finishing product. We do not recommend jet washing engine bays due to water getting in to electrical items so we always recommend hand application.

This was a massive job and one we well and truly enjoyed!!!

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