Mercedes A Class - £50 May Special bundle

Updated: May 7, 2021

Over in North Wales for our May Special offer on the customers white Mercedes A Class.

We began by removing the carpet mats inside the vehicle and hoovering the floor carpet, all trims, seats and boot to lift all dirt. We then deep cleaned the leather seats along with all trims using an all purpose cleaner and giving the leather a conditioning feed to remove stains and stubborn markings whilst adding nutrition and feeding the leather to bring it back to life.

Interior trims were then deep cleaned using an all purpose cleaner, agitated with a stiff brush and wiped clean. These were then dressed using a matte finishing product to provide a sleek matte shine.

Once the interior had been completed we deep cleaned the carpet mats by thoroughly hoovering them, working through the fibres and lifting with a very stiff brush and re-hoovering. The mats were then given a deodorising spray to freshen them up and provide a scent similar to fresh linen.

The exterior then received a snowfoam to lift all stubborn dirt and road grime. We then moved on to our two bucket wash and rinse method before pat drying the vehicle. Glass was then deep cleaned inside and out before we moved on to the polish and sealant.

We applied an all in one polish then spray sealant via our foaming bottle, pressure rinsed and then pat dried again to give this vehicle instant protection for up to 6 months. Tyres and exterior trim were then sealed and dressed with a non sling product, water spots removed and then final checks complete.

This vehicle is now ready for the owner to enjoy their freshly detailed pride and joy.

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