Mercedes A Class AMG - Ceramic Coating bundle

Over in Llangollen the other day for this Mercedes A Class, benefitting from one of our top bundles.

Upon arrival we could see the exterior was extremely contaminated in tree sap, stubborn marks and extreme road tar.

We began by snowfoaming the exterior and lifting as much of the contamination by hand as possible using a stiff brush and soapy solution. Whilst this was working the time taken was mounting up considerably. So, by using a dedicated clay mitt and the soapy water we worked panel by panel wiping the clay mitt across in vertical and horizontal motions. By doing this the tar across the vehicles panels behan to shift and be lifted, leaving the paintwork tar free and smooth like glass overall.

We then contact washed the vehicle to remove and further dirt and rinsed the vehicle dry. By the applying our all in one polish and paint spray sealant we were then ready for the coating.

In the form of a Ceramic Coating we were now protecting this vehicle for up to 12 months. We also offered aftercare routines to the customer so the coating could last longer with the vehicle being parked under trees for a considerable length of time.

The wheels were then deep cleaned, wheel faces cleaned and barrels washed. Tyres were then dressed with a matte finished product. Front windows were then deep cleaned and sealed using a rain protecting product. Interior glass were cleaned thoroughly using a smear free glass product and dedicated glass cloth.

The interior then received a thorough hoover including the boot, a wipe down of the dashboard and then a fabric protection combined with leather treatment for the interior.

This Mercedes is now treated from any further harmful grime the roads may now bring!

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