Nissan Qashqai+2 Decontamination bundle


The owner of this Nissan Qashqai requested our services over in Ellesmere Port for our £50 decontamination bundle. Being a childminder owned vehicle we could see the interior needed extensive work so this is where we began.

We removed all carpet fitted mats and any removable trim as possible and started working on the interior. A very thorough hoover, using our pet hair removal tool for stubborn hair and embedded general dirt in the carpet along with sand and continued the hoover process. We then got a still brush for final embedded grit then a small and soft bristled brush for niggly areas that were hard to reach with a standard hoover tool. We then deep cleaned interior trims with an all purpose cleaner, detailing brush and cloth to wipe down leaving a lemon fragrance and matte finish to all trim. Glass then received a clean inside and then a blast air freshener throughout the cabin.

The exterior then received a fallout remover across the paintwork to aid the lifting process, leading on to a thorough snowfoam pre-wash, pressure rinse once the dwell stage had been complete before finally the contact wash via our two bucket method. We then applied the all in one polish and paint sealant via our foaming lance and then pat dried.

Exterior glass then received a deep clean, trims dressed and tyres dressed before allowed to dry naturally.

The pictures speak for themselves here so enjoy the images!

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