Nissan Qashqai Paint Sealant & Stain Removal

Updated: May 7, 2021

Nissan Qashqai Paint Sealant & Stain Removal

Over in Buckley for this Qashqai that required some deep cleaning. Upon arrival we could see that the vehicle suffered from heavy staining to all fabric and trim. After a consultation with the customer we upgraded their package to incorporate our wet shampoo and scrub of the seats. This is where we began. The interior received a slight hoover to lift all dirt and mud before we moved on to spraying and agitating the fabric trim with a stiff brush and drawing out all dirt and then left to air dry. The interior then received a thorough hoover, with all trim being agitated with a soft detailing brush to lift all dirt especially from internal areas that are very hard to reach. To finish the interior off, door shuts were cleaned and sealed, glass cleaned inside and floor mats replaced after having a fresh and fruity fragrance applied.

The exterior then had a deep clean with our snowfoam and prewash before washing the vehicle with our two bucket method and pat dry routine. The vehicle then had a spray sealant applied via our lance and left to dwell before agitating with the pressure washer to instantly apply protection up to 6 months. The tyres and trim were then dressed and glass wiped down to the exterior.

A job well done and now smelling beautifully!

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