Vauxhall Vectra Interior Detail plus extras

Updated: May 7, 2021

This Vauxhall Vectra came in to us after the owner recently bought it and required a complete overhaul on the interior and has been booked back in with us for a thorough detail on the exterior.

The interior had been unloved for some time, so needed a thorough hoover to lift all dirt and as we found along the way - embedded pet hair, dirt and slightly wet carpets due to a leak.

We decided to get rid of the worn carpet fitted mats and refit some tailor made carpet mats in black to the front and rear. They are hard wearing, easier on the eye and we also applied a fabric protection meaning dirt won't get in to the fibres as easy, plus they will smell fresh and fruity for the new owner.

Next step included shampooing the seats and agitating with a stiff brush, paying attention to the boot carpet and trims and dressing all further trims in the front cabin.

Upon completion, an air freshener diffuser was installed with a 'Creed' smelling fragrance and a smoke bomb left to dwell for 20 minutes, getting in to all vents, roof linings and carpets.

To finish off, flat wiper blades were supplied and fitted to replace broken standard blades and the new fitment will improve air flow, provide greater wipe motions and also improve the look too!!!

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