VW Transporter Commercial Entry Package

Updated: May 7, 2021

Another mobile detailing slot filled over the weekend with a repeat customer requesting our entry level commercial van package.

We started out by snowfoaming the entire vehicle and leaving to dwell. Whilst the snowfoam was at work we started in the wheels by applying a fallout removing product that 'bleeds' once fallout and brake deposits have been lifted. This was then agitated with a stiff brush and pressure rinsed to leave a fantastic smear free finish.

The snowfoam was then rinsed off and we washed then pat dried the vehicle to leave a stunning shine.

Arches were then pressure washed and dried and left to air dry to a standard finish.

Tyres were then dressed with a slightly glossy finish and finally windows cleaned leaving a smear free outcome.

Fantastic turnaround for the company and the vehicle is now salt free and ready for another week!

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