VW Transporter Stage 3 Machine Polish bundle

At our HQ in Buckley the owner of this VW Transporter who recently acquired the vehicle and brought it through to us for a consultation. After going through the work with the customer and agreeing a bundle it was then dropped off to us so we could carry out the transformation!

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle, adding fallout remover to the wheels and agitating with a stiff brush. The pre-wash then was blasted off before we moved on to the contact wash via our two bucket method and pat dry routine.

Now the vehicle was a fresh canvas we would see the damage which overall seemed fairly minimal given the age and mileage. A full stage 3 machine polish was carried out. We began by applying the heavy cut polish and passing over the panels with the machine polisher, turning up the speed accordingly so we could remove as many swirl marks and deep scratches as possible.

Once the whole vehicle had the first stage the paint was then refined using a swirl mark remover, filling in marks and scuffs that were still present. The paintwork was drastically improved at this stage so a final pass over with a light glaze to enhance the gloss was applied - completing the third and final stage.

The vehicle then received a pH neutral citrus pre-wash to remove excess polish and any contaminants that landed on the vehicle whilst the paint rested and rinsed off again.

We swiftly moved on to sealing the vehicle with a paint sealant that will provide fantastic gloss levels, up to 6 months protection and incredible water behaviour.

Tyres and exterior trim were then dressed with a matte finishing product that provides no sling but a beautiful finish.

The interior then received a thorough hoover and wipe down with the interior fitments being wiped down and treated in the same manner, door shuts deep cleaned and sealed then glass wiped down inside and out.

Upon the customer picking the vehicle up, we discussed further treatment over the upcoming festive period and also went through a few points we identified that we were not happy with, which in turn turned out to be a poor paint job previously complete. However, we did in fact fully correct the vehicle and now this is beautifully clean for the owner to enjoy their new pride and joy.

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