1986 MG Metro Sealant bundle

Something extremely special in today!

This 1986 MG Metro with incredibly low miles on and promising to be a very sought after classic vehicle requested our Paint Sealant bundle with extra love and care.

Upon arrival the vehicle was situated on the outskirts of Chester waiting for us to begin the work. Having recently come in to the owners hands our Paint Sealant bundle began to apply fantastic protection levels and durability.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle and agitating the roof trim and window edges with a soft detailing brush to lift any hidden dirt and contamination. The vehicle was then rinsed in readiness for the next stage. An all in one spray polish then hit the paintwork, removing slight marks and stubborn body staining to leave an impeccable shine and gloss.

Finishing off the exterior detail our Paint Sealant was then applied, giving the owner up to and over 6 months protection on all bodywork, Paint and also glass!

The interior then received a thorough hoover and deep clean albeit being pretty clean already. A gentle dust and wipe down with a natural product to bring back the original look of this beautiful classic.

Door shuts were then wiped down with the same Sealant used for the exterior with any water spots removed.

The wheels were then cleaned and wiped before being sealed with a specific wheel Sealant and dressed with a slight gloss enhancing product which promises no sling and a great finish.

It was a true pleasure to detail this 35 year old stunner with many incredible years ahead!

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