BMW May Special detail

The owner of this BMW requested our services over in Ellesmere Port yesterday with one of our popular bundles, the May Special, Paint Polish & Sealant bundle.

We began by thoroughly hoovering the entire vehicle including the boot which appeared to be the most severe. Once the hoover stage was complete the carpets then needed agitating with a pet hair removal tool to lift the carpet fibres and remove embedded dirt particles as well as hair. To finish the interior detail off we applied a matte finishing product to all dash trims and door shuts, deep cleaned windows throughout and sprayed a fresh and fruity fragrance throughout.

The exterior then received the decontamination stage by a snowfoam and fallout remover finished off with a foaming wheel cleaner to lift all brake dust and embedded dirt. The wheels needed agitating with a very stuff brush and then hand wash inside and out to lift all dirt on the wheel faces. After the snowfoam stage was complete we moved on to the contact wash and pat dry followed by the full paint polish and paint sealant.

To finish, tyres and exterior trim were sealed with a slightly glossy finishing product, windows deep cleaned, doorshuts sealed and water marks removed.

This vehicle now has the gloss to go with the style and up to 6 months protection!!

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