Citroen DS3 - £40 Sealant bundle

The owner of this Citroen DS3 requested our services and kindly dropped the vehicle off with us to carry out the work.

Upon arrival and visual inspection we could see the vehicle was covered heavily in tobacco which had been caught in all carpet fibres throughout the vehicle.

We began by thoroughly hoovering the vehicle carpets and degreasing all trims of smoke tar and stubborn markings. Carpets were agitated using our pet hair removal tool which has a multi purpose function, getting in to all trims, stubborn to reach areas and lifting all tobacco litter.

The interior then received a hoover to the dash using our brush tool so to not scuff any trims further, wiped down finally to remove dust particles and then cleaned the glass inside using a smear free product and cloth. The leather then finally received a condition, bringing back to life the worn and tired looking seats and adding minerals to feed.

The exterior then received a snowfoam and left to dwell for 5 minutes, safely lifting mud and general road grime. Hard to reach areas inbetween trims and panel gaps were then agitated with a small detailing brush to lift embedded dirt.

The contact wash followed in the form of our two bucket method, microfibre wash mitt and pat dry routine which works beautifully to return the faded red paintwork back to its former glory.

Our spray sealant was then applied which instantly gives up to 6 months protection via s spray on and pressure rinse off. The bodywork then had a pat dry to remove water marks. Glass then received a wipe down using a smear free cloth and glass product, tyres dressed with a slight gloss enhancing product then to finish a blast of lemon fragrance air freshener to give a fresh and fruity smell.


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