Fiesta ST - Paint Polish & Sealant Bundle

This Fiesta ST owner requested our services due to commuting to and from work during the recent harsh weather which needed returning back to its former red glory!

Upon arrival we could see the vehicle needed some extreme tender, love and care so we set to work!

We started on the interior. Personal possessions had been removed prior to our removal so shout out to the owner for that! Carpets and all trim that could be removed was taken out of the vehicle. We then extensively wiped down all areas including dash trim and plastics with an all purpose cleaner to lift stains and stubborn marks. Certain areas required agitating with a stiff detailing brush to lift embedded dirt and grime which we then wiped down with a slight matte enhancing product that will provide an OEM finish. The leather then received a condition with fabric seating areas also having a deep clean and fabric protection applied to help prevent staining in the future. The carpets then received a stiff wipe using our pet hair removal tool (multi purpose product) that lifted sand grains and hard to remove particles that a standard hoover would miss. To finish, a fresh and fruity fragrance applied via our burst air freshener and doors closed to allow to settle.

The exterior then received a thorough snowfoam, left to dwell and then washed via our safe two bucket method contact wash. The vehicle then was rinsed and pat dried, polished via our all in one application and finally sealed via our spray wax and rinse! Wheels were deep cleaned, washed and dried then dressed using a slight gloss enhancing product which will provide no sling across the vehicles paintwork.

This simply stunning Fiesta ST is now back to its former glory, ready for further commutes to and from work!

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