Mercedes SLC Ceramic Coat and wheel Ceramic Coating bundle

Over in Buckley to provide the owner of this stunning Mercedes with a top quality protection bundle in the form of Ceramic Coating the bodywork along with also Ceramic Coating the wheels completely.

The vehicle was dropped off to us during some slightly wet weather which allowed us to work on the vehicle in our awning away from the wet weather.

We began by going round the vehicle with the owner, highlighting some minor damage that previous hand car washes had caused. By going through the roadside hand car washes we noticed that the vehicle had minor scratches in a few places due to poor methods. This means that incorrect routines and processes were put in place and simply needed rectifying with the right tools and knowhow.

To begin the detail, a full decontamination in the form of a pH neutral snowfoam was applied to the vehicle, starting from top to bottom, leaving to dwell for 5-10 minutes whilst we got the two buckets ready for the next stage. Upon rinsing we could see high levels of dirt had been removed thanks to the pre-wash stage.

Our simply two bucket method mixed with grit guards then followed by using a microfibre wash mitt and shampoo then rinsed off and pat dried using a plush microfibre drying towel.

We then pulled the vehicle in to our awning to continue the work. Paying attention to those previously mentioned scratches we applied an all in one polish to enhance the gloss and shine but also providing protection from the likes of UV sun rays/acidic rain/bird droppings etc. The polish also removed some but not all of the scratches due to some of them requiring paintwork thanks to poor hand car polishing.

After the vehicle had been polished we then moved on to the Ceramic Coating. A simply spray on, leave to cure and wipe off process. Exceptionally easy and provides the owner with a fantastic 12 month protection period, subject to driving and use style.

The wheels were then deep cleaned, dried and then Ceramic Coated using a three stage process. We prepped the wheels using the supplied prep spray to remove any other product, applied the Ceramic Coat and left to cure for 5-10 minutes and then simply wiped off, again giving the owner up to 12 months durability subject to use and driving style.

We then moved on to the interior. We thoroughly hoovered the vehicle including the boot, wiped down the leather and applied a leather protectant to make sure no dye transfer happens or any stubborn stains. The interior dash then received a wipe down with all intricate areas having a thorough detail by using our detailing brush and matte finishing product.

To finish, tyres were dressed in a slightly gloss finishing product, glass cleaned inside and out and finally an air freshener installed via our burst canisters.

This Mercedes is now fully Ceramic Coated and ready for any harsh weather the UK may bring.

Absolute perfection.

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