Nissan Juke - £40 paint sealant bundle

Over in Chester at a business address for our customer to receive one of our very popular bundles whilst they carried on with their daily working routine.

Upon arrival and set up we pulled the vehicle to our designated detailing area out of general footfalls path and set to work.

We began on the interior, with a thorough hoover inside, removing the mats and hoovering those before moving on to the boot and trims. We then wiped down all interior trims with a matte finishing product which leaves no grease residue to touch, deep cleaned glass and then door shuts receiving a wipe using our quick detailer. Finally, a fresh and fruity fragrance applied to all interior carpets, roof lining and boot then allowed to air.

The exterior then recevied a snowfoam to all bodywork, arches and wheels then left to dwell for 5-10 minutes. This then had a pressure washer to rinse off any excess foam, contact washed via our two bucket method and deep cleaning the wheel faces to remove brake dust and general road grime.

The exterior received a coating of our popular spray wax and sealant via our foaming lance, left to dwell for a couple of minutes and then pressure washed off - giving instant protection for up to 6 months.

To finish, exterior glass cleaned, trim dressed and tyres sealed using a slight gloss enhancing product.

All done whilst the owner works and no inconvenience caused at all! Just perfect.

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