Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Detail

Over in Chester for this superb Porsche 911 Limited Edition model and what a beautiful vehicle it is. With a limited run we loved detailing this for the owner who opted for our May Special Offer.

We began by snowfoaming the exterior, lifting all road grime and dirt before moving on to the two bucket contact wash with a high quality microfibre wash mitt and a shampoo which will provide improved water behaviour. We then rinsed the vehicle and moved on to the wheels. We sprayed a fallout remover and wheel cleaner to the wheels and barrels before agitating with a wheel brush and wheel mitt to remove brake dust and iron deposits. The vehicle then received a pat dry wipe down using a plush microfibre drying towel.

Next stage an all in one polish was applied to enhance the paint finish and finally our spray sealant applied through our lance giving instant protection for up to 6 months.

The interior then had a thorough hoover lifting all hair, crumbs and general day to day dirt. All dash areas were then wiped down with an all purpose cleaner and a matte dressing applied, giving the interior a grease free finish.

To finish off, an air freshener applied to the interior, leather treated with a conditioning product, tyres and trim dressed and glass deep cleaned inside and out followed by door shuts.

This stunning Porsche now has the protection to go with the style. Simply gorgeous.

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