Range Rover Vogue Ceramic Coating

Updated: May 7, 2021

Range Rover in for our Ceramic Coating package and what a fantastic turnaround!!

The customer requested our mobile service along with the new Ceramic Coating package we are now offering.

To start with, a full decontamination in the form of a fallout remover for wheels and snowfoam that promises to lift all dirt before a contact wash.

Then followed the contact wash along with agitating the wheels to lift all baked on brake dust, dirt and grime. All rinsed off to leave a shine.

Next, an all in one polish had been applied, looking after any scratches and allowing a blank canvas for the Coating.

On to it. In the form of Gyeons finest, the Ceramic Coating was applied which will promise up to ONE YEAR protection. This fantastic technology will not only provide truly outstanding water behaviour, but it also bring self cleaning properties for the owner meaning their car will stay cleaner for much longer!!

It provides truly amazing shine, gloss and depth to the black paintwork.

To finish the exterior, glass cleaner applied inside and out, tyres and plastics dressed in a non sling finishing and slightly glossy product and water droplets wiped down.

This is a new service and a pleasure to work on such a stunning machine that now has the detail well and truly deserved!

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