Vauxhall Mokka X - May Special bundle plus extras


The owner of this Vauxhall Mokka X requested our services in Ellesmere Port for our May Special Offer with some additional work.

Upon arrival we could see the vehicle had severe embedded pet hair all over the vehicles interior so this is where we began.

We started by agitating the carpet trims with our pet hair removal tool and leaving in a small pile to hoover and completely remove. Once pet hair had been safely removed we then thoroughly hoovered the interior including the tailor fitted carpet mats and dashboard.

Interior plastics then received a wipe down and glass cleaned to the interior.

The exterior them received a snowfoam, allowed to dwell then rinsed off which allowed us to move on to the contact wash routine using our two bucket method, rinse and pat dry stage.

We then applied the all in one spray polish before moving swiftly on to the spray wax stage through our foaming lance - instantly giving the owner up to 6 months protection!!

Once the vehicle was fully cleaned and dried we then noticed the rear bumper had been in a minor collision and with speaking to the customer we began machine polishing the damaged area to remove the severe and stubborn markings and refining back to its former glory!

To finish, glass cleaned outside, door shuts and boot shuts wiped down and quick detailed, tyres dressed and water spots removed!

This Mokka X is now ready for the owner to enjoy a fresh clean vehicle in time for the bank holiday weekend!

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