VW Scirocco - £50 May Special bundle

Updated: May 12, 2021

Over in Buckley with the owner dropping off their pride and joy to us so we could give them the May Special treatment this vehicle deserves.

We began on the exterior. To start, wheels received a spray with a fallout remover and brake dust lifter. Whilst this was left to dwell the vehicle received a snowfoam which provided great dirt lifting abilities without damaging the paintwork. After 5-10 minutes whilst we set the buckets up for the next stage the vehicle then received a rinse to remove any lifted fallout and remaining snowfoam.

Next stage is the contact wash. By using two buckets with grit guards in the bottom this promises a truly safe wash to the paintwork, by washing the vehicle using the soapy water and rinsing our microfibre wash matt in the second bucket to remove any contaminants.

Once the contact wash had been completed we moved on to the pat dry routine using a very plush drying towel that soaks up water and leaves no streaks or water marks. Amazing.

Whilst the exterior was left to settle we deep cleaned the interior and boot by thoroughly hoovering all carpets and trim, removing the tailor fitted floor mats and hoovering then finishing with an all purpose cleaner to lift embedded dirt with a stiff brush tool for agitation.

Interior trim then received the same all purpose cleaner, agitated with a small detailing brush and then wiped down with a matte finishing product leaving a smear free finish and no grease to touch.

Glass and door shuts were then cleaned on the inside, a fresh and fruity air freshener installed and then a short burst of an air freshener blast.

Back to the exterior. An all in one polish applied and then our spray wax sealant applied giving this vehicle up to 6 months protection all round. Glass received a sealant to the main front windows, door shuts re-cleaned to lift soap bubbles, tyres and trim then finally dressed to leave a slightly gloss enhanced finish.

This Scirocco is now ready for the customer to enjoy the coming weather in a freshly detailed car!

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