VW Transporter - GTechniq bundle and mould removal

Over in central Chester to deep clean the exterior of this VW Transporter which handed been cleaned for some time due to COVID lockdowns and struggling for time. We were more than happy to help out the owner.

We arrived on the day of the detail and were stunned to see the amount of contamination over the vehicle, especially the roof. Before and after images are insane further below.

We began by spraying an all purpose cleaner over the entire roof panel, agitated with a detailing brush and left for a few minutes whilst other key areas were worked on. A citrus pre-wash was then applied to the vehicle to lift all stubborn dirt and growing mould to the paintwork, then rinsed off with clean water before our contact wash followed using the two bucket method mixed with shampoo and a microfibre wash mitt.

We then rinsed the vehicle thoroughly before pat drying the paintwork just in time for the all in one polish to be applied. In a spray style format it makes for such an easy application. Simply apply to the vehicle, leave to cure for a couple of minutes and then buff off using another microfibre cloth.

Once this stage had been complete and with the customers request we then applied the paint sealant. This time in the form of GTechniq C2V3. Being a spray sealant that offers ceramic style properties, it will deliver fantastic gloss, incredible water behaviour and most importantly, up to 8 months protection.

Exterior glass received a wipe down along with the inside being deep cleaned. Door shuts cleaned and tyres & trims dressed with a slight gloss enhancing product which will also provide protection for the owner.

The interior then received a full wipe down, removal of dirt and cob webs before being dressed with a matte product that promises no grease but a truly incredible finish just like that from the factory a fair few years ago.

This vehicle is now fully deep cleaned, decontaminated and best of all fully protected from the harsh weather and standing dirt!

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