BMW 645 Stage 3 Machine Polish & Ceramic Coating bundle

Updated: May 7, 2021

The owner of this truly beautiful and outstanding BMW contacted us and requested we provide honest advice and view the vehicle before we carried out any work. So, after a consultation the customer decided to book in for our Stage 3 Machine Polishing package with capturing in the freshly detailed paint using our Ceramic Coating bundle.

So... over in Chester we got to work. We began by starting on the interior, removing some parts of litter and minor trims to allow the deep clean to commence. Trims inside the vehicle were deep cleaned using an all purpose cleaner and detailing brush which lifted stubborn dirt and marks from the interior trims and carpets. As we agitated the trim it brought a soapy style which lifted the dirt beautifully. Once lifted, a low pile microfibre cloth was used to remove any cleaner and a stunning finish then appeared also adding the fresh scent of lemon zest.

Interior grilles were then cleaned using a small detailing brush and cotton buds to get in to intricate areas, removing dust and staining from years of use. The dash received a wipe down of all purpose cleaner before being finished with a matte finishing product which leaves a natural shine and no grease.

Finishing the interior off, the vehicle received a thorough hoover with mats been hoovered and cleaned at the same time, glass cleaned inside with a streak free product and a fresh air freshener applied throughout.

Next, exterior. To being the vehicle received a full snowfoam to lift dust from in the air and tree sap that had fallen on the vehicle over time. We then prepped the two buckets for the contact wash process. Using a shampoo that is pH neutral, provides great suds and a smooth application. Once the contact wash had been completed with wheels deep cleaned the pat dry process followed. Pat dry method is key so that no cloth is being dragged along the paintwork, causing more damage by scratching the body.

We then moved on to the machine polish process. By using a super heavy cut compound we worked along the vehicle, panel by panel, to remove swirl marks, hazing and imperfections to leave a fantastic finish to all bodywork. Certain key areas needed a few goes with the machine to lift and remove major swirls. Next stage followed with a minor refine to remove any marks from the previous stage which added another minor cutting ability. Third and final stage we machined the vehicle using a gloss enhancing product that removed any further and final swirl marking.

We then moved on to the ceramic coating. By applying this by hand we sprayed on to a clean microfibre cloth, again panel by panel paying attention to intricate areas, then buffed off with a fresh and clean cloth to leave an extremely glossy finish, incredible water behaviour and up to 12 months protection.

To finish the detail, tyres were dressed, glass deep cleaned and sealed to the exterior, door shuts deep cleaned and also ceramic coated and certain areas touched in with the supplied touch in pencil.

A truly fantastic detail which is now protected from all elements for the foreseeable future!

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