Jaguar F Pace Paint Restoration & Pre-Sale detail

Updated: May 7, 2021


This heavily used Jaguar required considerable work doing so we headed out to Holywell for a consultation with the customer to view the vehicle and provide our honest advice. Upon arrival we could see the vehicle was extremely contaminated, with brushed dirt on the vehicle which somebody had used their fingers to remove dirt to see paint underneath. Big NO! A full walk round the vehicle and interior inspection we offered the customer our top Machine Polishing bundle to lift all dirt, fallout and harmful contaminants. With us being exceptionally busy of late we asked the customer to drop the vehicle with us and leave for a few days for us to work on in between other detailing jobs to help the customer get the vehicle listed for sale sooner.

Once the vehicle arrived in Buckley we got to work. A full interior deep clean began the process, with interior carpets having a thorough hoover and agitation to lift stubborn dirt in the carpets fibres. All dash trim received a wipe down using an all purpose cleaner and then finishing with a matte dressing whilst using a gloss dressing for the gloss black fascias.

Leather seats were then deep cleaned, conditioned and then treated to add in nutrients whilst giving the leather a new life which will also prevent cracking and dye transfer from jeans or other fabrics.

Glass and door shuts were then deep cleaned on the interior using a smear free product but providing fantastic reflection to metal areas.

The boot needed a deep clean with a hoover to lift the previous tired life, allow a fantastic finish to the boot and complete the interior detail.

The exterior is where we had our work cut out even further. We began by snowfoaming the vehicle to lift all dirt, caked on mud and stubborn fallout. We then rinsed the vehicle, washed using our two bucket method and rinsed once more before pat drying the vehicle using our very plush drying towel.

We then moved on to the wheel arches which were covered heavily in soil. We got a high pressure jet wash nozzle, moved through the arches in a circular motion to remove all soil and provide a clear & dirt free finish.

Next, we mentioned to the customer the vehicle may need clay barring but we wouldn't be able to notice until the vehicle had been washed properly. Upon hitting this stage we did in fact clay the vehicle. This lifted all tar spots, removed fallout from the road grime and allowed a blank canvas ready for the machine polish.

The vehicle was then left to rest whilst we got the materials ready. We opted for a super heavy cut and a heavy cut machine polishing pad. Hitting the vehicle panel by panel we worked over the vehicle in stages, cutting through the clear coat to hide all faded panels, bring back the original gloss and remove swirl marks and paint marring.

Once every panel had the heavy cut applied we then refined the vehicle using a softer pad which will promise endless gloss, incredible water behaviour and also a brilliant reflection.

Once the machine polish stage had been completed we then re-washed the vehicle to remove any remaining polish particles and then applied our spray sealant through our lance, rinsed off and then dried finally.

We went round the vehicle using a glass sealant to improve visibility at low speeds and act as a rain aid. Tyres and wheels were then dressed and finished off with a microfibre cloth. Water spots left from the dried vehicle were then removed, adding a gloss finish to this now fully restored Jaguar F Pace. What a truly stunning outcome!

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