Mazda 3 Two Stage Machine Polish package

Updated: May 7, 2021

***Extremely PIC HEAVY***

This customer came to us and asked for advice on which bundle would suit their vehicle due to having being 't-cut' polished a while ago and reacting badly with the paint. We had a phone consultation with the customer and informed the customer the best option would be to book in for our Stage 2 machine polish bundle. We directed the customer to our website to check out some of our work, book in and pay the deposit for the slot and here we are.

Dropped off at 9:30 on Sunday we inspected the vehicle and were surprised by the damage we saw. So looking forward to the job we got cracking!

To make a start we snowfoamed the vehicle and left to dwell then applied a fallout remover to the wheels, being careful not to agitate too much due to flaking paint on the wheels. Once the snowfoam had been left to dwell it was pressure washed off and then shampoo washed after using our two bucket method. Shampoo used on this occasion carries agents that strip any other form of protection leaving us with a fresh and blank canvas.

Upon drying the vehicle it was left to air dry for 15 minutes whilst we set up the machine polish station. We began machine polishing the most severely damaged panel by heavy cutting it back twice and refining it. Once this had been done the vehicle needed heavy cutting again to get deeper in to the paintwork and then refining once more. Products used on this occasion were from the Menzerna range, highly recommended!!

The whole vehicle then received a machine polish using the same method as above, heavy cutting and refining in all areas.

Once all machine polishing had been complete we then snowfoamed the vehicle again using a pH neutral product to not strip the protection we had just done, washed again using a hydrophobic shampoo and pat dried to a clean shine.

The vehicle then had a paint sealant applied giving this vehicle up to 6 months added protection and enhancing the freshly polished paint.

Once the sealant had been applied and cured all exterior glass then received a wipe down with a smear free finish, tyres and trim dressed with a slightly glossy finishing product to go alongside the paintwork and give a non slung finish all round.

Interior time next! We gave the vehicle a thorough hoover and then deep cleaned all plastics and trim. These were then dressed and finished in a matte finish and a fresh fragrance applied throughout to finish the cabin off. The boot carpet was taken out, deep cleaned and stain protected for any future spillages.

This was one massive job and the reaction from the customer was priceless. We absolutely enjoyed this detail and we are more than happy to take on any further challenges!!

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