Mitsubishi L200 Paint Restoration & Deep Clean

Updated: May 7, 2021

Over in North Wales for the owners Pre-Sale deep clean and paint restoration. Upon arrival we could see the vehicle had faded somewhat over time, resulting in the red paintwork appearing pink, blotchy and unloved. The customer opted for our 3 Stage machine polish bundle benefiting from a heavy cut, minor and then refine to return the tired paintwork to its former glory.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle, lifting dust from the atmosphere, tree sap and general dirt. This then lead us on to the two bucket wash and pat dry.

Whilst the vehicle had been left to air, we moved on to cleaning the interior. With a thorough hoover, lifting all saw dust and mud from the carpets and trim. The dash required just a wipe down with it not being too dirty, with glass deep cleaned along with door shuts.

Back to the exterior. A heavy cut machine followed, working higher through the speeds to get deeper in to the paintwork, panel by panel. Once the vehicle had received the heavy cut, a simple minor and refine polish had been applied to bring the paintwork back to natural life and a deep red finish.

With every panel freshly restored the vehicle then had a spray sealant applied through our lance procedure, pressure rinsed off and wiped to leave a truly glossy finish.

Tyres were dressed to the exterior, final check overs complete with some minor water spots removed.

This vehicle is now ready for sale with its beautiful and vibrant finish. Stunning.

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