Porsche Boxster S - Machine Polish Stage Two bundle

Updated: May 7, 2021

The owner of this truly stunning and low mile Porsche Boxster S came to see us for a quote to have their vehicle machine polished to remove swirl marks and some scratches. For the age of the vehicle the paintwork seemed generally okay, just heavily damaged with swirl marks etc.

We began by snowfoaming the bodywork, washing via our two bucket method and then air dried using a high power blower. Once complete we moved on to machine polishing.

The customer opted for our middle bundle, the minor cut and refine. In certain areas we had to heavily cut in to the bodywork and bring back slowly and gradually. The vehicle received a full pass with the minor cut and then the refine stage. Once the polishing process had been completed, we then washed the vehicle again to remove any polish residue, pat dried the vehicle and then freshly sealed all the work in with a spray sealant to provide up to 6 months protection.

The roof then required work. We scrubbed the fabric with a stiff brush and all purpose cleaner, lifting all embedded dirt and grime, washed and blow dried then applied a fabric protection which will prevent the roof from going mouldy or losing colour.

The interior then received a thorough hoover, agitation of all trim using a soft detailing brush and wiped down. An air freshener was then installed providing a fresh scent. The leather then received a condition to bring back a fresh look and provide nutrition to the leather seats.

We then deep cleaned all glass inside and out, dressed tyres once the wheel barrels were deep cleaned and then removed any final water spots.

To finish off, the customer left us with a touch in pen to pay attention to door dings, stone chips on the bonnet and a couple of touch ins within the freshly cleaned door shuts.

Fantastic detail to go with a stunning vehicle.

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