Tesla Model 3 Machine Polish Refine & Ceramic Coat bundle

Updated: May 7, 2021

So, I absolutely LOVE working on Tesla vehicles, especially when they are brand new and the customer requests a machine polish & ceramic coat bundle!!

Upon arrival and a great chat with the customer about past cars it was an honour to detail this vehicle and deliver such shine!

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle and agitating the wheels with a stiff brush to lift dirt, dust and general road grime. This was then pressure rinsed off and our contact wash and pat dry routine followed.

After the wash procedure we then machine polished the vehicle with a stage 1 refine to eliminate any minor swirling marks and provide fantastic gloss levels. Once the vehicle had been machined we then citrus washed it down to remove any further polish, dried the vehicle with the pat dry method and moved on to the coating.

We ceramic coated the vehicle thoroughly by spraying on to a cloth, applying to the vehicle and buffing off with a plush microfibre cloth. This will give the customer up to 1 year of protection, give great gloss and will provide self cleaning properties.

Tyres and exterior trim were dressed with a slightly glossy product however will product no sling.

The interior then received a thorough hoover with boot included. The leather was fed with a product that will not change the leather colour but will provide the relevant nutrition the leather requires. Glass and door shuts cleaned and then any water spots removed.

This Tesla is now fully protected, sitting beautifully with sheer gloss levels and fantastic water behaviour when it rains!

What a truly beautiful machine!

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